15 Mart 2008 Cumartesi

Acetaia Malpighi Tradionale Vinegar

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary taste experience. Malpighi Tradizionale represents a supreme achievement in the art of balsamic vinegar making. This highly-rated balsamic is barrel aged for 12 years, producing an elixir with a dense, syrup-like consistency, complex aroma and intensely rich flavor. So concentrated and precious, it's best used sparingly and reserved for special tasting—sampled with cheeses, sprinkled on berries, drizzled over grilled foods or rich pasta dishes. Made by the family-owned Acetaia Malpighi, it qualifies as a true aceto balsamico tradizionale, aged according to ancient methods and certified by the Consortium of Modena. This is an exceptional gift for friends who appreciate the finest in foods. 3.38 fl. oz.

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