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What is needlepoint?

What is needlepoint?
needlepoint-design (7K) Needlepoint, also known as canvas work, is sometimes mistakenly called tapestry. (Real tapestries are woven, not stitched.) I tend to describe it as:

* stitches worked on canvas,
* often using wool
* and normally covering the whole surface.

However, any one of those points can be argued! My Textures to Dye for range have been worked on Aida fabric with cotton, rayon and silk threads, and sometimes canvas areas have been left bare.

Like me, many people are introduced to canvaswork by using tent stitch on a printed or hand painted canvas. Sometimes there are long straight stitches already in place, called tramming, to help show what colour to use for each stitch. But there are much more creative options available! Designs can be worked from charts in a similar manner to counted cross stitch, and can incorporate many different stitches and textures.

How to needlepoint
bargello-bell (22K) I will share with you many types of techniques, stitches and designs on the pages of this website.

Why not start with learning basic tent stitch and its variations. These stitches look the same on the front but are worked using different methods. Then you can move on to textured stitches like the Rhodes stitch, Velvet stitch and many more.

As your confidence builds, you might want to try using a laying tool to help you produce smooth stitches.

Why not see what difference that the type of thread can make to your stitches?

You might like to learn Bargello, also known as Hungarian Point, and try a free bargello design for Christmas. Simple to stitch, it is the choice of colours that make Bargello a stunning form of needlework.

Stitching on plastic canvas is a great introduction to this form of needlework, you can try it while stitching this pretty poppy coaster.

What will you need?
You will require canvas, yarn or thread, tapestry needles, and basic equipment including a frame and scissors (large ones for cutting canvas and small, sharp ones for thread). Oh, and a certain amount of patience would also be useful. needlepoint-chair (6K)
What can I use it for?
Lots of things! How about cushions, chair covers, rugs for the floor, belts, bags, wall hangings, bellpulls, fire-screens, boxes, door stops, book covers, pincushions and even tiny items for dolls houses. Needlepoint creates attractive, hardwearing, useful items, that can become family heirlooms.
How long have people been stitching needlepoint?
Oh a very long time. it dates back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. The uses have changed over the centuries. In medieval times it was used to make warm wall hangings, whereas bargello chair covers were all the rage in the seventeeth century.

Fire-screens and smaller items were popular in the eighteenth century.

Interest in Berlin woolwork spread from 1830 onwards, with designs that were printed on paper in black and white and then hand coloured being stitched onto canvas in cross stitch.

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