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sky airlines

SKY Airlines is a charter airline company; a leader in the Turkish tourism, and an affiliate of its parent company KAYIGROUP, located in Antalya.
Right after the laying the foundation of the SKY Institution towards the end of year 2000, commercial flights have started on April 12th, 2001.
Even though it was a new enterprise, the company employed tour operators who are experienced and expert personnel in their business, now flies to 50 different European destinations providing them high quality and reliable service.
Within its body there are one of the B737-800, five of the B737-400, two of the A320-211 and one of the A321-231 airplanes; we have flown a total of 124.065 hours carrying 5.866.073 passengers.
It is very important for SKY enterprise to have intercompany and professional continual education; we are certified by international and civil aviation groups such as ICAO, FAA, JAA, and we are operating within the extent of that authority and obeying their instructions.
SKY Airlines have been certified with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification by TUV Rheiland company. You may see our Business License, JAR 145 Document and all the legal documents of our airplanes as well as RVSM, LVO, B-RNAV, CAT III-A documents in our Quality page.
SKY Airlines, as a first in Turkey have built a total of 4,000 square meters extremely modern management and technical maintenance facilities, 2,000 square meters of it being covered within the borders of Antalya Airport . With that, SKY Airlines have merged all the operations and maintenance units, and got an opportunity work right beside the airplanes. In addition, our general management has also moved into its new building.
You can see the technical features of our airplanes from the fleet page, and our service standards from our SKY Airlines page.
SKY Airlines aims to be an effective , trustworthy , dynamic , inspiring company and to sign its name under the firsts of aviation sector in Turkey all the time. The goal of SKY Airlines' presence is to provide its passengers safe , reliable , on time and economical flight services giving constant priority to customer satisfaction and service quality.
SKY Airlines aims to be the pioneer of Turkish Civil Aviation signing under firsts in all markets it operates with its service quality, flight safety and with the importance it gives to training and to settle in the first place in order to be an international brand in the global market.

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