2 Nisan 2008 Çarşamba

gobelin stitch

Stitch Overview:

The Gobelin Stitch is a beautiful way to fill in areas of a needlepoint project.

Remember, if you are needing to square corners, you can place tent stitches at the beginning and end of each row.
(Slanted Gobelin): The Slanted Gobelin looks just like one of the tent stitches, except it can be worked over two or more intersection points on the canvas. To create this stitch, bring your needle up at A, cross number of intersection lines as directed by the pattern and reinsert needle at B.
Stitch Formation (Slanted Gobelin): The Straight Gobelin stitch can either be worked vertically or horizontally. Like the "Slanted Gobelin", stitches are worked over two or more intersection lines. To make the Straight Gobelin, bring needle up at A. Cross number of intersection points as directed by pattern. Take needle back down at B, bring it up at C and repeat process, as directed. When finished with row, completely turn work to begin working in the alternate direction.

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